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The Moment Box

Black Woman Owned’s mission is expanding! In addition to brining Black Woman Owned businesses visibility, we’re directly impacting revenue with luxury experiences in Black Woman Owned boxes. Introducing, The Moment Box.

A. Walton Smith


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Let’s Talk About The Box

What Is It

We’ve partnered with seven Black Woman Owned businesses to bring you a limited edition offer featuring a curated collection of gratifying products that will undoubtedly ignite your next most memorable moment. 

Instantly fall in love with exclusive products that bring the vibes and inspire you to live in the now and enjoy every second of every moment. 

Who It's For

With so many titles, roles, and responsibilities, it’s safe to say that every woman deserves a moment. For the self proclaimed self-care connoisseur and the luxury-loving, moment cherishing, experience enthusiast. You’ll love the way we’ve hand-picked products to deliver a personal vacation straight to your doorstep. 

What's Inside

Each item is just the beginning of your next most memorable moments. With each item you receive, we encourage you to simply indulge. The truth is, you deserve a moment of peace, a moment to laugh and cry, a moment to love and reflect, a moment to spend time with your loved ones or a moment alone with the one you love the most-yourself.

Black Woman Owned Presents:

The Moment Box
Get This Moment
Let’s Meet the

Black Woman Owned Brands


The Bon Don began as a mere passion project dedicated to Black women. Shelbie was inspired to create the company after a series of failed attempts to find the perfect bonnet at my local beauty supply stores. Knowing what qualities she wanted to see in her bonnet, she scoured Atlanta for a bonnet that was big enough to contain her hair, sturdy enough to weather the storm of a good night’s sleep & aesthetically pleasing. Shelbie didn’t find what she needed in stores, so decided to take her search to the fabric store. It was there where she picked out the satin fabric for her first bonnet. Soon thereafter, she realized that many of her close friends were also struggling to find bonnets that met their needs. It was at this point that the seed for The Bon Don was planted.

Clinical pharmacist by day, and designer by night, Shelbie is dedicated to narrowing the gap between Black people and good care across the entire spectrum — all the way from our health to our hair. The Bon Don was created to stand in the gap between currently available hair maintenance products, and the high-quality hair maintenance products that we all deserve and require. It is for this reason that every bonnet and hair-maintenance product produced by The Bon Don has been intentionally designed, re-designed, and re-redesigned with love & attention to detail.

MEET BRYANNA, CEO of Koko Beauty Essentials

In the summer of 2017, Bryanna saw a need for skincare products that focused on sensitive skin, while still allowing fun with fragrances and colors.  It was that summer that Bryanna used her curiosity and inspiration to research and create products that were sensitive skin friendly, thus starting KoKo Beauty Essentials. Initially starting with just three items, KoKo Beauty Essentials has grown to provide more than 30 hand formulated products for the face, body, and hair.

Since launching in 2017, Bryanna has lead KoKo Beauty Essentials with the mission to provide quality beauty products to support the body’s natural ability to thrive and glow. This mission has led KoKo Beauty Essentials to be adored by hundreds of loyal customers all over the US, including partnerships and features with Genevas Market in New Jersey and Up Boxes, an online based subscription box.


Lucy Dazilma is an author/writer, storyteller, and wellness entrepreneur. Her wellness brand and business is ELIANI WELLNESS, through which she creates products and services for women who want to deepen their relationship with themselves. ELIANI WELLNESS is total mind and body well-being. She offers a wide range of products as she is a multi-passionate creative. Her aroma sprays, body oil, body butter, lip scrubs, lip balm, and facial steams are all organic and handmade. Her mugs, books, enamel pins, and journals all accompany and align with her self-published book, SEASONS. Her work and creations affirms her belief that the path to personal truth and freedom is through a self-discovery journey.

MEET CANDACE, CEO of Odelia, Marie, & Patrice

Candace Parrish, Ph.D. is the founder and creator of Odelia, Marie & Patrice, LLC and Yellow Plate Vegan, LLC. Candace received an interdisciplinary Ph.D. related to the areas of Public Relations, Health Communication, and Visual Communication from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

After being recognized nationally and internationally for her research, she decided to apply her love for design and artistry with her research in health communication to make vegan, small-batch, environmentally friendly, and luxury art and body care products. Candace is an advocate for offering decadent products that provide “everyday luxury” to her customers and clients. With a special focus on herbs and herbalism, she puts great detail in making sure to utilize natural and organic ingredients to create the most healthy and decadent products. 

Through Odelia, Marie, & Patrice (OM&P), Candace also helps to pour back into minority community activists and social movements like prison reform. The boutique design company has gained attraction for its roots in activism and for its current campaign for Marqus Profic–this entails a high-end candle set in which 100% of the proceeds go to Marqus Profic’s attorney fees. Marqus Profic was wrongly convicted of murder and has been in prison for 18 years. OM&P’s campaign to raise funds and awareness for Marqus’ journey home is a meaningful one for the design company and a glimpse of the impact the organization will have in activism in the future

MEET FANCHION, CEO of Fanchion K’s Teatime

Fanchion R. Kenady is a businesswoman, speaker, author, and humanitarian who has loved tea for as long as she can remember. Her tea time has always been special and therapeutic for her. She would pour a cup of tea, grab a journal, and enjoy her time reflecting and refreshing. One of her purposes in life is to uplift others and help them find healing. She’s always desired to do that through her tea company.

 After leaving her job, she traveled to Canada to visit a friend. While she was there, Fanchion decided it was time to follow her vision of owning a tea line, tea store, tea services and writing tea-flections to help uplift the lives of others.

In August of 2017, she had an afternoon tea party to launch our line of custom-blended teas and an online store. Since then, Fanchion K Teatime has had the opportunity to host several Tea & Cookies Conversation Series, where the community comes together to discuss special topics over a cup of tea. They also have worked with clients to plan and host their own tea parties, tea events and more!

MEET JAZMYNE, CEO of House Six Sixteen

Jazmyne J. Miller is the Creator and Founder of House Six Sixteen. She is the epitome of class and faith personified. She is an entrepreneur, writer, holistic health, and wellness enthusiast, and a lover of all things home decor. These titles collectively contributed to her creating the brand that is House Six Sixteen. 

All House Six Sixteen products are luxury, all-natural, non-toxic, and hand-poured by Jazmyne herself. Her mission is to uplift and empower her community as well as cultivate spiritually empowered homes. This mission is displayed on every candle and room spray as they are labeled with affirmations filled with love and encouragement.

Jazmyne is diligently crafting a luxury home lifestyle brand and making a name for herself, she is here to stay! 

MEET KALI, CEO of Uniquely Premium Bath Products

Kali is a wife, mother, and proud Owner/Founder/Creator of Uniquely Premium Bath Products. Her journey into entrepreneurship started in 2020, during the covid pandemic. Out of work and full of ambition, she set out on a journey that would change her life forever. She knew she wanted to create something and start a legacy her family could be proud of. However, she never imagined her very small dream would impact others in such a big way. She decided to start a bath company because she saw a desperate need for bath products that smelled great and left skin moisturized without feeling greasy or leaving a film on the skin. Her feedback from friends and family about her bath products was overwhelming and Uniquely was born. In the last 10 months, Uniquely has sold over 5,000 items and featured by,, moxiiskates, and various other blogs and publications.