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The TopNuch Debut

Agencies, Professional Services

This summer, we partnered with a brand to give you some very lux content on Instagram. So it’s time we introduce you to our fabulous partner The Topnuch and their grand photoshoot in Paris!

What and who is The Topnuch?

Founded in March 2021, Caribbean-born and Paris-based entrepreneur Dew Prince has created her way of culture boosting through the art of mixing digital marketing and artistry. Her main aim is to find a way to focus on building and uplifting Black-owned, not just as a trend but a lifestyle.

“The TopNuch was born out of years of being angry.” She begins to explain. Angry about the untold truth of my people and the undisputed racial wealth gap that we have lived through for way too long. I remember seeing my mother struggle as a businesswoman and dealing with the injustice not just as a woman but as a Black woman. It was rough. My mother was my first example of what a strong but graceful businesswoman looked like. I carry her energy with me wherever I go, especially with The TopNuch. One must be graceful to properly transition anger into a functioning solution for more than self-benefit. “

“Mixing creative/art direction, content creation, media management, and helping you find your brand’s identity is what I offer to my people in business. The Topnuch is here to serve you no matter your field; allowing you to bloom where you are rooted. Always with a touch of luxury. “

In honor and promotion of The Topnuch’s launch, it was essential to Dew that her very first project was dedicated to the people she aims to serve. For this project, The Topnuch has displayed its organizing and creative /artistic direction skills.

She has worked hard to select a fantastic team of partners from all over the world! (Australia, Africa, France, and more) Collectively, they built a peaceful dreamland for today’s woman; wearing, enjoying, and showcasing Black-owned everything. The Topnuch shoot is a great platform to showcase multiple businesses, artists, and beauty all in one shot.

“Everything in this shoot is by a Black-owned female brand. 

For my first ever project having an exclusively female team (apart from the photographers) was a little nudge to my mother. I also wanted to include items from all around the world to remind you that your options for buying black-owned are unlimited. When you see our shoot I want you to see how easy it is to think of patronizing amongst us, and I want you to feel the true meaning of black luxury. I feel blessed to have shared this moment with such a team; it would not. It wouldn’t have been the same without them.” – Dew Prince

Organizer/Artistic Direction:@thetopnuch
Photographer: @kaminashoot
Photographer II : @ilriche_dikutala
Model: @tchako_
Make up: @cissetraore_
Attire: @shop.iwade
Jewelry outdoor : @dear_katiopae
Jewelry indoor : @beautemaitey
Hand bag: @weareomol
Sun glasses: @lapetitetoucheglamour
Nails: @cils_and_co
Face Mask: @appiah_fr
Scarf: @lapetitetoucheglamour
Hat: @wander_goods
Body care: @kaanbeauty
Table wear: @madamedelamaison
Cake art: @englishdreamcake
Candles : @lekarithe
Vase: @sandra_githinji
Wall art: @mybeautifulafrica__
Plantain snacks: