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Building an economy of thriving black woman owned businesses

Black Woman Owned is a community of those who understand the need to amplify and purchase from Black Woman Owned businesses. Our mission is to give Black woman owned businesses visibility through social and digital media to help increase their annual revenue.


Amplifying Black Woman Owned Businesses

Black women over-index for using social media, including finding out about products and services (12% higher), receiving exclusive offers, coupons and discounts (12% higher), and showing support for their favorite companies or brands (25% higher). Black women ages 18–34 and 35–49 are especially likely to utilize social networking sites for these consumer engagement activities. – Nielsen Diversity Intelligence Series, African-American Women: Our science, Her magic Report 2017

We know Black women are all over social media to find and support brands they love, and that is our lane. So, here we are. We hope you find the products and service you need today! 


Higher in using social media to find out about products and services


higher in using social media to receivE exclusive offers, coupons & discounts


higher in using social media to support their favorite companies or brands


The Founder

 A. Walton Smith is the Founder and CEO of Black Woman Owned. She considers herself a personal hype woman for Black women and especially for budding and fortified business owners. As a wife, mother, full-time employee and entrepreneur, she understands how difficult it can be to create a business from scratch. Not to mention playing every role and have to market the product or services. BWO not only serves as a place to find Black Woman Owned businesses but a marketing tool for those same businesses. is just the beginning.